Eating Disorders Facts & Treatment

Eating Disorders Facts and support group

Simple test to confirm if you are suffering from bulimia

Bulimia Diagnosis Questionaire 1.  ❑ I think about food, weight, and calories almost all the time. 2.  ❑ I allow my weight to determine how I feel about myself on any given day. 3.  ❑ I frequently binge (eat huge quantities in a short time period). 4.  ❑ I frequently binge when I feel bad [...]

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Treatment of Bulimia and Anorexia with weight loss program

In this article I try to explain the common root cause of all eating disorders (Anorexia and Bulimia).To make it short, here is the fact – We all desire to have a body which is beautiful in the eyes of the society. At the same time, there are hundreds of eating option around us and [...]

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Eating Disorder Facts : A complete overview on Bulimia Nervosa

Eating disorder facts is a website meant to help and guide individuals fighting against eating disorders. Hope this article helps you. For any concerns or questions, please use the comments section at the end of the article. Today in “eating disorders facts” , I want to talk about bulimia facts. It is a heartbreaking eating [...]

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Sharing my Eating disorders facts

Many viewers ask me to share the key eating disorders facts I have learnt during my battle with Bulimia and Anorexia. I answer it in form of an interview. Hope it helps you . Please leave your comments. To visit Eating Disorder Recovery program please click here Eating Disorders Facts : Please explain Eating disorders [...]

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Eating disorders facts – Causes and Treatment

Welcome to Eating disorders facts - a sincere effort to help out all women suffering from eating disorders. Note : The article explains the Eating disorders facts. If you are looking for effective home treatment plan for eating disorder, please visit the self help Program-1  &  Program-2. Continue reading to know about eating disorders facts. What is [...]

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Eating Disorder Treatment – Which cured my Binge and Purge completely

Info : In this post I share my story of eating disorder recovery and the 2 best  eating disorder treatment which cured my  binge eating and purging. If you wish to check the treatment programs directly, please click on BULIMIA HELP and BULIMIA RECOVERY. As I have shared with you earlier, I have suffered from Bulimia for [...]

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Hey Tanya here,

Thanks for visiting my site about eating disorder facts.

I suffered from eating disorders for quite some time, but have recovered completely now and regained self control.

My story ? Check it here .

Hope my story helps you to come back to normal life.Take care and get well soon.